We deliver both proven and innovative approach to secure your cyberspace assets

MS-WEB is a penetration testing service provider based in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The team of MS-WEB has gathered long before MS-WEB has been founded. We were kids interested in programming and hacking who met on forums specializing in aforementioned topics, and started cooperation on many of small passion projects, growing up into security professionals constantly looking to push the boundaries of cyber-security world, contribute to it, and help protect the internet from malicious hackers.

Having been successful in bug bounty hunting for some of the largest names in Information Technology world, our professionals have decided to found a penetration testing focused firm, and have not only run penetration tests, but also educations, red and blue teaming, and security consulting since.

Cyber-security is our passion, and we are working and thinking of new solutions even outside the working hours.

We apply methods close to our work philosophy

  • International standards: We’re strongly committed to international security practices to be up-to-date in a constantly evolving world of cyber attacks.
  • Resources: Time and people are a priceless resource. To our employees you can trust your digital assets. We are here to protect your data while you can focus on business.
  • Security-oriented mindset: We believe security is of important matter for any industry and any company size. We share knowledge and are passionate to make cyberspace a safer place for both business and entertainment.

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